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CSPLYeu is a project that finds its birth in the creative mind of Kyman Cheng, a photographer and retoucher from The Netherlands. Together with Stefan Dorresteijn he set out to unite the european cosplay community in a high quality product, befitting of Europe’s incredible cosplay talent. Going beyond conventional methods this project puts emphasis on the conceptual and artistic side of cosplay.

In October 2014 we took a look at the Europe as a cosplay community and found that while the United States and Asia are very heavily represented in combined, professionally developed products, Europe seems to lag behind. CSPLYeu is here to fill the void. With the help of cosplay fans and using Kickstarter for crowdfunding we’ll travel through 12 countries doing photoshoots with over 50 cosplayers. At the end we’ll have created a crowdfunded, crowdsourced high quality hardcover photobook that truly represents the European cosplay community.


  • 30x30cm 150+ page hardcover book
  • Featuring 50+ cosplayers from 12 countries
    (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK)
  • High quality, artistic photos befitting the cosplay’s original source material
  • Blog following our travels throughout the entire project

We have carefully selected our featured cosplayers from the enormous pool of cosplayers in Europe. This was necessary in order to achieve the varying cultures and skill sets we want to display in the book. Another element we believe adds to the quality of the book is the inclusion of cosplays from all forms of media and crafts.

To keep fans and backers informed a blog will be written during the time of travel which will recap photoshoots and other CSPLY-related events. For backers an exclusive behind the scenes video page will be created where they can see footage from the cosplays shortly after they happen.

Aside from ‘behind the scenes’ footage, kickstarter backers can get various other rewards for being a part of the project. We offer prints of photos that will appear in the book, there are skype sessions available, and a limited edition (10 copies only) behind the scenes book with photos and texts written by the cosplayers and the CSPLY team about the entire project.

The kickstarter project will have a funding goal of €7.500 to ensure the trip will go smoothly and books, prints and other rewards can be supplied without any issues. The majority of the funding will be spent on printing, packaging and shipping of the books, while the travel and lodging only takes a minority part of the funds as seen in the cost breakdown image.

We’re hoping to start our kickstarter project in May and we’re aiming for the end of June as our travel start date. In order to achieve our funding goal we need help from blogs, magazines, facebook pages and any other cosplay-related news outlets with spreading the CSPLYeu word. If you’re interested in helping us out and would like more information, we’re always available using the contact information posted in the sidebar.


Ky-Man Cheng

Project Lead, Designer, Photographer

Kyman Cheng is a self taught photographer and retoucher from The Hague, Netherlands. An avid gamer and anime fan with over four years of photography experience and two years in cosplay photography. Aside from the project he’s currently running his own photography company having shot photos for various artists and organizations.

Stefan Dorresteijn

Business Developer, Web Developer, Numbers Guy

Stefan Dorresteijn is a young entrepreneur with a background in IT security and online marketing. From a young age he’s spent his time starting businesses in the internet world and testing website, network and software security both professionally and as a hobby.

As a software developer, web entrepreneur and IT security enthousiast he has a unique view on the world which he can articulate beautifully in both Dutch and English. A skill he sometimes exercises on the CSPLY blog.

In the universe of IT-related business Stefan is employable in any field and is sometimes even found presenting IT-related advice to business executives and press.

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