€8,115 raised, project backed!

Jun 22, 2015

€8,115 raised, project backed!

June 22, 2015News

We are incredibly happy to announce that our kickstarter has succesfully been funded. A huge thanks goes out to every backer, sharer, tweeter, liker and reader of our updates. Without you we couldn’t have made it this far. I bet you’re wondering what the next few weeks will look like for the CSPLYeu project so let me just take you through that.

34 Days

With the kickstarter fully backed we are now officially 34 days away from the travel kick off. Between now and then we’ll spend our time setting up the webshop for pre-orders, making sure all the cosplayers are informed and getting all our insurances, taxes, tickets and gear ready for traveling. We’re also building an exclusive blog for all our kickstarter backers which will go up very soon. We’re incredibly excited for the next couple months and we hope you are too.

More updates will come in the next couple weeks so stick with us!