Day 5-7: Austria Shoots

Aug 31, 2015

Day 5-7: Austria Shoots

August 31, 2015Book, Gaming, News

The 7:31 train from Munich to Vienna took a good 4,5 hours during which i was mostly sleeping. That’s kind of what happens when you only get 5 hours of sleep I guess. Arriving in Austria however, was very pleasant. Narga-chan Cosplay and The Mysterious Cosplayer were at the platform to pick me up and take me to their place where I stayed for these couple of days.

It also helped a lot that I had my first resting day that Monday. So after I dropped my gear at their place, we took the metro and the bus to go to the city and do some sightseeing. In the end I didn’t really end up seeing much of it, nor taking a lot of pictures, as I had to buy some photography gear that I forgot back home and also ended up forgetting my coat at the camera shop, which meant we had to travel all the way back to pick it. All in all, it still wasn’t a bad day. Got a good amount of rest and I was ready for the upcoming days of shooting.


The day after, I got picked up by Lux cosplay to start the first shoot in Austria. We ended up going to a reasonably far-off location in the countryside to pick up Melenea Cosplay and to shoot their incredible armored cosplays. (Dragon Armor from Lux and Death Knight from Melenea)

The location itself was quite beautiful. It was a (what I presumed) ruined castle near a small town from which we had an incredible view. However, we did run into a little problem. On the day that we wanted to shoot at this location, an open air theater was set up at the ruins. This meant that we had to do a lot of improvisation to make sure that our shots look authentic. In general that didn’t turn out to be a problem until we got sent off the location by the landlady. The theater itself was opening up really soon so we ended up packing our bags without having completely finished the shoot.
In the end I don’t think that affected our shots a lot (preview below), however I do regret missing the opportunity to use the warm light from sunset to finish off our shoot.


The second, and final day in Austria was a really relaxing one. We went to a tiny river near Vienna with all four cosplayers and just did a reasonably casual Monster Hunter shoot. The shots did end up quite badass, with a bunch of them even going in to the river for the photo! I still haven’t edited those pictures yet, so there’s not much I can show other than the one shown above.

The most interesting thing that they was what they brought me for dinner though. It was huge weird doughball, stuffed with jam and surrounded by melted butter and poppy seeds. The name is also a thing that I can basically now pronounce: Germknödel. I do have to say that it was really tasty though and I would definitely eat it again if I get the chance.


All in all, I have to say that I had an amazing time in Austria and I would like to thank Narga-chan and The Mysterious cosplayer for their generous hospitality, as well as the copy of Monster Hunter 4 they gave me. I still have to play it some more.
I would also like to thank Link Cosplay and Reflector Guy for assisting me on the shoots, I really couldn’t have done it without them. The next location I went to was Poland, for a full week basically so there’s lots to talk about. Hope to get that post online soon.