Day 4: Saber Nero in Munich

Aug 10, 2015

Day 4: Saber Nero in Munich

August 10, 2015Anime, Book, News

On the 4th day I arrived in Munich to shoot with CuteMichiyo cosplay. It was a tough day to shoot due to a lot of unforseen circumstances. The location she had chosen for our shoot was filled with benchs, tables and food stands. Apparently some kind of event was happening there, which meant that we were really limited in shooting at that location. So after a couple of basic portrait shots, we moved to another location to try and see if we could shoot there.


The second location ended up being unsuitable to shoot as well, it was this great looking location that perfectly fit Nero. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was this huge building with these Roman style columns and busts. The only problem was that the location was completely covered in scaffolding, which stopped us from being able to shoot there.

Eventually, CuteMichiyo and her friends thought of one final location we could try. The Glyptothek in Munich, where we managed to finish the shoot.  It took a whole lot of improvising due to this, but looking at the preview images. It didn’t affect the end result in any negative ways.

Saber Preview

It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time to stay in Munich for a longer period. After the shoot (and dinner, which was amazing) I immediately went to the hostel to sleep and then took a train at 7:31 in the morning to Vienna. More on that soon. :)